MIXOLOGY ICE  is a Miami based StartUp devoted to the handcrafting and distribution of crystal clear ice cuts in all its forms and shapes, known as Speciality Ice.

Combining artisanal techniques with state of the art patent pending technology, MIXOLOGY ICE team creates custom ice shapes and cuts for the main and hottest Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, key venues and events through out the year.

From Well known cuts like the 2"x2"s, 5" Collins, 2.5" spheres, 4" square Punch blocks to specific requests tailored to venues glassware, MIXOLOGY ICE carries 95% of all Miami orders working closely with the most innovative and imaginative bartenders, chefs, managers and owners in town.

Infused ice, garnished ice, and branded ice are the new trend among big players. Our products are turning key elements to many marketing and branding agencies. Delivered from the purest water, frozen in 300 pounds Clinebell Blocks, we carve and cut ice pieces down to client's instructions.

Our Professional Compound Filtration System allows to offer the best water quality, with odor and flavor free label that along side with the freezing process create an air free and highly dense ice block. Our Ice is guaranted to bring an unparalleled experience to the customer when tasting cocktails. Lowest melting rate, with the minimum dilution Miami heat can afford, MIXOLOGY ICE brings a product portfolio that caters excellence to your service.

Having the back up of one of the best ice carving teams in US for more than 20 years in a row, Styled Ice, we carry outstanding carves and ice sculptures to all out clients with 100% satisfaction rate.

We follow the non-stop philosophy of any ice factory that works under automatic infrastructure, thus creating the first ice partner for your business in Miami that can carry unlimited volume of premium ice cuts.

We deliver 7 days a week with same day orders in Miami Area, and within 2 next days in Florida, 3 -5 days rest of the US territory.

Contact us at:

(786)-451-8420 / (786)-838-1394


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